5 Ways Video Can Be A Social Experience

It’s the new age and video is as big as everything else in the social media world. The problem can be where to start and how to use video as a social outlet. Posting videos on Facebook is always a must. Everyone who uses Facebook sees all the things you post. And what better way than through video? Next be active on Youtube. If you aren’t most people aren’t going to want to visit your account with only 3 or less videos. Another few are to join live streaming sites like UStream, using video functions on social aggregators and shooting your own blog. All these tactics are the perfect start for getting yourself known through video.

For my own campaign I need to use some of these tactics more to gain popularity. Things like having more videos and the having a variety of videos would be good. Knowing what’s going on through the technology you have and the outlets you can use is the determining factor in getting my videos out.



Social Media Swaying Malaysia’s Elections

As Malaysia gets ready for their elections will the National Front Coalition (BN) be weakened again by social media? In 2008 the political tidal wave took away two thirds of parliament since gaining independence. Independent blogs and websites sweapt away the traditional political campaigning and 6 or 7 bloggers unkown to the BN gained a seat in parliament. The blog goes further into the subject of the election but what really gets me is the idea that you always here about social media being used around the world. With Egypt and other events it’s now becoming a crucial aspect in dealing with corrupt governments trying to silence their nations. It’s a new age and a new generation that’s growing.

Although this is just an event but the use of social media is the key factor in applying it to my own campaign and other endeavors. Knowing how to write towards my audience’s likes and having an educated understanding of what their dislikes are help to tailor the wants and needs they look for in my campaign. Putting up a message that you may like, without thinking of what others will think, can drastically harm the cause you may be fighting towards. Remember that it’s a new age where social media is the key component in elections today all around the world.


4 Years of Change…2008 – 2012

The change of social media is incredible. It’s even crazier to think that some of the social media we use in 2012 wasn’t even around four years ago. Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest are some examples of what wasn’t around. Now they’re are some of the biggest social media used sites today. The blog goes further into how Facebook and Twitter have grown allowing more infomation in posts for Facebook and how Twitter has blown up since 2008 to name a few changes. As users of those social media sites if we don’t keep up with the changing technology and uses then we will be left in the megabit dust.

This blog post really reminded me that even if you stay away for a year or two the changes that can be made over the social media world could be huge. The campaign has been an interesting one getting back into the groove of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube but it’s been an enlightening one as well. Knowing I have to keep updating every aspect of those outlets along with conversing rather than advertising is a key factor in helping grow those outlets. Brainstorm Skis is now at that stage. If the company doesn’t get with the rest of the technology they’re gonna be left behind.


Fortune 100 Companies…Are They Doing It Right?

Sling Digital, a Twitter advertising optimization service, looked into Fortune 100 companies using Twitter with at least 50,000 followers. It was surprising to find that even though out of the companies Sling picked out even with tons of followers no one was talking about their company or products. Using Twitter as a one way communication tool the companies never try to make the connection that Twitter is a 2 way conversation tool meant to engage both parties. Some of these companies might want to reevaluate their strategy on Twitter.

It’s a key factor that if you want to be big on the social media networks it’s crucial to be engaging with your audience. With my own Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts this blog post really hits home. If I only use those outlets as a means for promotion rather than engagement then nothing will change and people won’t feel compelled to keep up to date with the posts.


2 Brothers and Video Journey

Hank and John Green started using Youtube in January 2007 on their video blog channel VlogBrothers. For an entire year they would not text or use any other form of communication except through video blogging. After gaining a following the first year they went and grew their blogging account. Once their Brotherhood 2.0 was finished they started an education channel called Crash Course trying to teach traditional high-level high school and low-level college history and science courses. Their VlogBrother’s future is now changed with the culture and what new kind of ways video is being used through social media

This story proves that if someone really wants to they can start a video blog and get it recognized throughout the social media community. It’s the format you create and the message you’re trying to send out to your audience. This is a great system to implement every time when making videos for my own campaign. Even with Brainstorm Skis if the videos don’t speak about what the company is and where they’re trying to go then what’s the point of the video in the first place?


Apps to Help Your Blogging Game

You need any helpful writing tips? Apps just aren’t giving you what you need? These 8 apps like iA Writer, Plain Text, ByWord and PaperHelper either focus their attention on your writing, helping with research or adding design elements. Having the Pocket app gives you researching power though adding every site you need and organizing them through groups. PlainText gives you the minimalist approach and lets you simply get to work. Among the rest of the apps all help you to get your writing or research skills up.

These kind of apps can be a great way to know if you’re adding to much to your writing by talking about things that have nothing to do with what you’re trying to show. The research part is definitely a great boost since great writing or simple blog posts come from knowing your subject. With the campaign aspect knowing how to properly research and write out Facebook posts, Twitter, or Youtube descriptions can mean the difference from being viewed or not.


New Feature for Twitter

This new feature is going to be crazy for everyone. Not only just for personal use but for businesses as well. Images now are being powered by ThingLink. The images now are interactive with icons popping up leading you to other sites associated with the image. It’s an amazing help to have all of your business or social media in one platform for everyone to see without skipping around from website to another.

With this kind of added feature gives you the ability to show your audience everything you have to offer. With my campaign posting a photo from an event then have an icon leading to the main website on Westminster, another icon for the next event, an icon for their Facebook, and another for Youtube. A one stop platform for everything a person would need to show every part they need to the audience.