The Presidential Race & the Social Media Battle

Since the 2008 presidential election the use of social media in campaigning was incredible. Obama used Facebook and Twitter to help connect with the countries younger generation and gave the media sites his own flare. The real question is will that experience help him win the up coming presidential election? Mark Knight isn’t quite sure how things will turn out but the answer is soon to come for the nation.



That was Videolicious

A blog post by Jordan Behan, an employee at HootSuite, writes about how he used Videolicious to get better aquatinted with his fellow coworkers. Going through the HootSuite program Jordan asked the simple question, “Why do you like working at HootSuite?” He then goes on to how Videolicious is the next big thing to hit the social media world.


Google Glass…Future of Technology?

David Pogue the writer for the New York Times: Technology blog has given some very interesting facts about the new Google Glass. The features described are almost like props used in a sci-fi movie. One of the main things was that it was just a prototype as Pogue said in the blog. Google has a lot of work ahead still but it’s going to be interesting if this new glass idea hits it big or goes home crying