Is Experimental Marking the Future of Social Media?

What is experimental marking? As Gabe Alonso describes on his post at the 360i Blog it is, “…the act of creating an experience where there is a resulting emotional connection to a brand, product, idea, etc.” It’s not enough to just send out a Tweet or post on Facebook now adays, but to keep yourself integrated with your audience and make sure they get hooked on what you’re providing for them. The combination of online and offline interaction need to be fluid and adaptable. Working with a friend of mine now on his ski company this is a perfect idea to incorporate into their own social media outlets. Already they are having free give aways for any one of their fans if they like their Facebook page. But as Gabe says it’s not enough. A person has to show that the consumer is not only an onlooker but feel emotionally attached to the core idea the company and what they stand for.



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