Mercedes Let Twitter Users Control Their TV Ad

The Mercedes company in this blog post by Laurens Bianchi on Viral Blog tells about how the industry tries to connect with the younger generation by using tv ads and having the outcome decided via Twitter. Although innovative and useful the idea was lacking since, as Laurens states, owners are around the age of 45. This kind of tactic can hurt a company if the proper research isn’t found and applied to the right age audience. Working with Brainstorm, the ski company my friend has co-founded, the Twitter scene needs to be formed and directed to a younger audience. When making tweets it’s imperative that any message whether in selling skis or simply promoting Brainstorm uses language and imagery suitable to the intended audience. Even my own Twitter account for Westminster has to be tailored for a large audience which isn’t limited to the students of the campus. Faculty and staff are able to read these posts and if harsh or unsavory messages go out then I can lose those followers. Again keep in mind who you’re tailoring your messages for and what it says about you.



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