Romney Facebook App Asks You to Message Friends for His Campaign

Is the next step in the presidential campaign for social media apps? A new app called “Commit to Mitt” uses Facebook’s Open Graph to help push views towards Romeny’s Facebook profiles and also add more vote effort to the upcoming elections for Mitt. The problem though lies with the privacy policy you need to agree with to add this new app. Even if you aren’t using the app yourself your friends agreeing to the policies lets the app view your information on groups, hometowns, likes, and more. Is this really alright? Or are we losing part of our privacy.

Although the idea of privacy loss is a concern this kind of tool could be a big help for campaigns dealing things other than elections and topics of that sort. To know what people have added and to know what their friends think can help better the strategy used in marketing towards their interests and moving away from topics they wouldn’t find as interesting or just plain old disagree on.



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