6 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

These 6 apps are similar in some areas of use dealing with marketing and differ in other areas. Google Currents gives the user access to creating one-stop shop for various information sources. And it lets you see what new trends are catching on the internet. Flipboard, like Google Currents lets you choose information sources but lets you see what’s happening on social sites you’re connected to as well. Plume is like TweetDeck letting you manage multiple Twitter accounts. Abilities like shortening links, auto saving hashtags and usernames, and access to preview photos. Postling deals with the blogging aspect helping to create blog posts that you can directly send from the app. Buffer App helps to share articles, photos, videos and status updates to different networks. This app helps to keep your media marketing focused and consistent. The last app is the Facebook App. Many smartphone users already have this app and can use it with ease.

These different apps are incredibly helpful and important in the new age of social media sharing. My campaign if it were keep going on for a longer length of time could use all or a few of these apps in creating a wider range of audience. This blog could use Postling to help boost when and where I can post and updates that I may want to share. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the ability to be mobile and keep that inspiration fresh in my mind until posting it on my blog is a great help.



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