How to Create High-Quality Web Video Interviews

So when it comes to making a quality web video interview there are certain aspects to make sure the video is the best you can make it. Things like setting up your studio where you’ll be conducting the interview having it set on you and not the background. Picking quality web cameras so you don’t have any low resolution. The right microphone is also a key factor for getting the best sound. Lighting and studio set up go hand in hand with making sure you have enough light for proper viewing.

These tactics don’t just have to be used for interviews but for video posts as well. If you have a dark video with little to no sound won’t have as much of an effect  as a well lit room and a quality microphone. With making videos you’re trying to show your audience what you do with a video. For my youtube account these are perfect things to keep in mind even with working on Brainstorm the proper video quality and setup can mean the difference between making a hit video or one that doesn’t get views.



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