4 Years of Change…2008 – 2012

The change of social media is incredible. It’s even crazier to think that some of the social media we use in 2012 wasn’t even around four years ago. Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest are some examples of what wasn’t around. Now they’re are some of the biggest social media used sites today. The blog goes further into how Facebook and Twitter have grown allowing more infomation in posts for Facebook and how Twitter has blown up since 2008 to name a few changes. As users of those social media sites if we don’t keep up with the changing technology and uses then we will be left in the megabit dust.

This blog post really reminded me that even if you stay away for a year or two the changes that can be made over the social media world could be huge. The campaign has been an interesting one getting back into the groove of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube but it’s been an enlightening one as well. Knowing I have to keep updating every aspect of those outlets along with conversing rather than advertising is a key factor in helping grow those outlets. Brainstorm Skis is now at that stage. If the company doesn’t get with the rest of the technology they’re gonna be left behind.



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