Social Media Swaying Malaysia’s Elections

As Malaysia gets ready for their elections will the National Front Coalition (BN) be weakened again by social media? In 2008 the political tidal wave took away two thirds of parliament since gaining independence. Independent blogs and websites sweapt away the traditional political campaigning and 6 or 7 bloggers unkown to the BN gained a seat in parliament. The blog goes further into the subject of the election but what really gets me is the idea that you always here about social media being used around the world. With Egypt and other events it’s now becoming a crucial aspect in dealing with corrupt governments trying to silence their nations. It’s a new age and a new generation that’s growing.

Although this is just an event but the use of social media is the key factor in applying it to my own campaign and other endeavors. Knowing how to write towards my audience’s likes and having an educated understanding of what their dislikes are help to tailor the wants and needs they look for in my campaign. Putting up a message that you may like, without thinking of what others will think, can drastically harm the cause you may be fighting towards. Remember that it’s a new age where social media is the key component in elections today all around the world.



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