Fortune 100 Companies…Are They Doing It Right?

Sling Digital, a Twitter advertising optimization service, looked into Fortune 100 companies using Twitter with at least 50,000 followers. It was surprising to find that even though out of the companies Sling picked out even with tons of followers no one was talking about their company or products. Using Twitter as a one way communication tool the companies never try to make the connection that Twitter is a 2 way conversation tool meant to engage both parties. Some of these companies might want to reevaluate their strategy on Twitter.

It’s a key factor that if you want to be big on the social media networks it’s crucial to be engaging with your audience. With my own Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts this blog post really hits home. If I only use those outlets as a means for promotion rather than engagement then nothing will change and people won’t feel compelled to keep up to date with the posts.



New Feature for Twitter

This new feature is going to be crazy for everyone. Not only just for personal use but for businesses as well. Images now are being powered by ThingLink. The images now are interactive with icons popping up leading you to other sites associated with the image. It’s an amazing help to have all of your business or social media in one platform for everyone to see without skipping around from website to another.

With this kind of added feature gives you the ability to show your audience everything you have to offer. With my campaign posting a photo from an event then have an icon leading to the main website on Westminster, another icon for the next event, an icon for their Facebook, and another for Youtube. A one stop platform for everything a person would need to show every part they need to the audience.


Twitter Blocks Neo-Nazis Following German Police Request

Twitter finally banned a neo-nazis account in Germany by request of local law enforcement. The account belongs to the group called Besseres Hannover. Because of criminal behavior the group has been watched since 2008 and this is the first time Twitter has blocked an account ever. This kind of action was put under fire by free speech advocates but Twitter says it’s a necessary act due to police actions.

My own interests only concern about sharing information dealing with the sharing of ideas and knowing how to use social media in a responsible way. It’s crazy to think that Twitter can shut down any account but still important to realize that people can’t just put anything on the internet. It’s a place to share thoughts and opinions not to use social media as a criminal outlet.


Mercedes Let Twitter Users Control Their TV Ad

The Mercedes company in this blog post by Laurens Bianchi on Viral Blog tells about how the industry tries to connect with the younger generation by using tv ads and having the outcome decided via Twitter. Although innovative and useful the idea was lacking since, as Laurens states, owners are around the age of 45. This kind of tactic can hurt a company if the proper research isn’t found and applied to the right age audience. Working with Brainstorm, the ski company my friend has co-founded, the Twitter scene needs to be formed and directed to a younger audience. When making tweets it’s imperative that any message whether in selling skis or simply promoting Brainstorm uses language and imagery suitable to the intended audience. Even my own Twitter account for Westminster has to be tailored for a large audience which isn’t limited to the students of the campus. Faculty and staff are able to read these posts and if harsh or unsavory messages go out then I can lose those followers. Again keep in mind who you’re tailoring your messages for and what it says about you.


Reviews of ‘Lincoln’ Hit Twitter After Secret Screening

Brian Hernandez writes about the Lincoln secret screening at the New York Film Festival on Mashable Entertainment Of course Twitter was all abuzz after the screening with both good and unsurprisingly not so good reviews. This shows the power of twitter and how the social media can give people about opinions even without experiencing the movie for themselves. For my own Twitter accounts. Of course I’m not going to be showing secret movie premieres but for upcoming events like the Phantom Speaker this is a perfect way to get people to know what all the buzz is about. And talking about Brainstorm skis it’s a great way to tell people about new skis and have customers tweeting about the products they’ve bought and used. It’s a way for people to give free promotion of an event or project without it seeming like the company is pushing it on the intended audience.


Survey says…Nielsen brand impact on Twitter

Joel Lunenfeld is the VP Brand Strategy of Twitter. The article talks about Twitter making a collaboration effort with Nielsen to make a new tool for advertising partners. Having brad impact measurement on Twitter. This effort will as the article says, “give brands better insights to determine purchase intent, overall awareness, and other advertising metrics and analytics that can lead to greater engagement on Twitter.” This can apply to my own campaign for in the future if the project ran for a longer time frame than the stated end date. To know how your audience thinks and what they feel towards your brand or campaign efforts it’s all very helpful and relevant information.