So Did Social Media ‘Predict’ the Election?

Did social media actually predict the outcome of the election? As Twitter saw it Obama was the clear winner. This wasn’t the complete truth but the outcome was still the same. Alex Fitzpatrick goes futher in the blog but really helps show how social media could change how people can show their own opinions and swing other peoples votes.

This kind of tactic was key in gaining support for the election. This is a great thing to implement into mine and anyone’s social media outlets. For my own use I’m setting up a Twitter account for my friends ski company. To gain followers and help bring in the dough it’s crucial to know how to form their Twitter account to people’s tastes. And if you can get feed back from their followers it could make or break a social media outlet.



How to Create High-Quality Web Video Interviews

So when it comes to making a quality web video interview there are certain aspects to make sure the video is the best you can make it. Things like setting up your studio where you’ll be conducting the interview having it set on you and not the background. Picking quality web cameras so you don’t have any low resolution. The right microphone is also a key factor for getting the best sound. Lighting and studio set up go hand in hand with making sure you have enough light for proper viewing.

These tactics don’t just have to be used for interviews but for video posts as well. If you have a dark video with little to no sound won’t have as much of an effect  as a well lit room and a quality microphone. With making videos you’re trying to show your audience what you do with a video. For my youtube account these are perfect things to keep in mind even with working on Brainstorm the proper video quality and setup can mean the difference between making a hit video or one that doesn’t get views.


6 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

These 6 apps are similar in some areas of use dealing with marketing and differ in other areas. Google Currents gives the user access to creating one-stop shop for various information sources. And it lets you see what new trends are catching on the internet. Flipboard, like Google Currents lets you choose information sources but lets you see what’s happening on social sites you’re connected to as well. Plume is like TweetDeck letting you manage multiple Twitter accounts. Abilities like shortening links, auto saving hashtags and usernames, and access to preview photos. Postling deals with the blogging aspect helping to create blog posts that you can directly send from the app. Buffer App helps to share articles, photos, videos and status updates to different networks. This app helps to keep your media marketing focused and consistent. The last app is the Facebook App. Many smartphone users already have this app and can use it with ease.

These different apps are incredibly helpful and important in the new age of social media sharing. My campaign if it were keep going on for a longer length of time could use all or a few of these apps in creating a wider range of audience. This blog could use Postling to help boost when and where I can post and updates that I may want to share. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the ability to be mobile and keep that inspiration fresh in my mind until posting it on my blog is a great help.


Romney Facebook App Asks You to Message Friends for His Campaign

Is the next step in the presidential campaign for social media apps? A new app called “Commit to Mitt” uses Facebook’s Open Graph to help push views towards Romeny’s Facebook profiles and also add more vote effort to the upcoming elections for Mitt. The problem though lies with the privacy policy you need to agree with to add this new app. Even if you aren’t using the app yourself your friends agreeing to the policies lets the app view your information on groups, hometowns, likes, and more. Is this really alright? Or are we losing part of our privacy.

Although the idea of privacy loss is a concern this kind of tool could be a big help for campaigns dealing things other than elections and topics of that sort. To know what people have added and to know what their friends think can help better the strategy used in marketing towards their interests and moving away from topics they wouldn’t find as interesting or just plain old disagree on.


Twitter Blocks Neo-Nazis Following German Police Request

Twitter finally banned a neo-nazis account in Germany by request of local law enforcement. The account belongs to the group called Besseres Hannover. Because of criminal behavior the group has been watched since 2008 and this is the first time Twitter has blocked an account ever. This kind of action was put under fire by free speech advocates but Twitter says it’s a necessary act due to police actions.

My own interests only concern about sharing information dealing with the sharing of ideas and knowing how to use social media in a responsible way. It’s crazy to think that Twitter can shut down any account but still important to realize that people can’t just put anything on the internet. It’s a place to share thoughts and opinions not to use social media as a criminal outlet.


What’s in a “Like”?: Social Media and the Election

This article from The Seattle Times Carolyn Higgins talks about what really goes into a “like” in the battle between Obama and Romney in the election. Are people actually changing the minds of their peers or are they simply just stating opinions already in place? The use of social media for the election may not show in the polls but is extremely prevalent online. So as a word of warning later in the article Romney used a phrase “binders full of women.” Women in binders memes started showing up all over the place online. This all can help me with my own campaign with using social media to send out a message that means something. Not to just spit out random opinions of what I think and hope other people with agree with but to have real posts people with want read about.


Facebook’s New Translated And Localized Global Pages Could Lure International Marketing Dollars

Searching through the latest and greatest updates on tech I came across and read this awesome piece of information by Josh Costine, a technology journalist for TechCrunch concerning global translation for Facebook pages. Within the reading he discusses how when Facebook pages today are in the language they were created in. Now though pages can be seen by a visitor’s own language and bring about a whole new era of marketing for company’s. Ads can seen by many more people who all speak different languages and help connect them with these Global Pages. Even without thinking about the money and business aspect of all of this it’s a great tool to simply bring people around the world together. Reading the end of the last paragraph really hit home for me since I am of South Korean descent and in the words of Josh Costine, “When you discover you and an Angolan / Afghani /  Argentinean kid both Like the same Norwegian metal band, you see how similar you are and racism seems pretty stupid.” Applying this to my own life in social media using this new technology can both bring revenue and connection of people up to a new level for the social outlets. My own campaign for Facebook could not only have U.S. citizens reading the posts and updates but reading them in spanish, german, korean, and so many more languages. Brainstorm Skis is an even better example since, although having business in the U.S. why not shoot for the rest of the world? Great skiing slopes aren’t just here but everywhere. Having a Global Page for other ski fans to be able to actually read could be a key part in getting that business over seas someday. And it also helps to show that anyone could have the same interests as you do.