2 Brothers and Video Journey

Hank and John Green started using Youtube in January 2007 on their video blog channel VlogBrothers. For an entire year they would not text or use any other form of communication except through video blogging. After gaining a following the first year they went and grew their blogging account. Once their Brotherhood 2.0 was finished they started an education channel called Crash Course trying to teach¬†traditional high-level high school and low-level college history and science courses. Their VlogBrother’s future is now changed with the culture and what new kind of ways video is being used through social media

This story proves that if someone really wants to they can start a video blog and get it recognized throughout the social media community. It’s the format you create and the message you’re trying to send out to your audience. This is a great system to implement every time when making videos for my own campaign. Even with Brainstorm Skis if the videos don’t speak about what the company is and where they’re trying to go then what’s the point of the video in the first place?



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