5 Ways Video Can Be A Social Experience

It’s the new age and video is as big as everything else in the social media world. The problem can be where to start and how to use video as a social outlet. Posting videos on Facebook is always a must. Everyone who uses Facebook sees all the things you post. And what better way than through video? Next be active on Youtube. If you aren’t most people aren’t going to want to visit your account with only 3 or less videos. Another few are to join live streaming sites like UStream, using video functions on social aggregators and shooting your own blog. All these tactics are the perfect start for getting yourself known through video.

For my own campaign I need to use some of these tactics more to gain popularity. Things like having more videos and the having a variety of videos would be good. Knowing what’s going on through the technology you have and the outlets you can use is the determining factor in getting my videos out.



2 Brothers and Video Journey

Hank and John Green started using Youtube in January 2007 on their video blog channel VlogBrothers. For an entire year they would not text or use any other form of communication except through video blogging. After gaining a following the first year they went and grew their blogging account. Once their Brotherhood 2.0 was finished they started an education channel called Crash Course trying to teach traditional high-level high school and low-level college history and science courses. Their VlogBrother’s future is now changed with the culture and what new kind of ways video is being used through social media

This story proves that if someone really wants to they can start a video blog and get it recognized throughout the social media community. It’s the format you create and the message you’re trying to send out to your audience. This is a great system to implement every time when making videos for my own campaign. Even with Brainstorm Skis if the videos don’t speak about what the company is and where they’re trying to go then what’s the point of the video in the first place?


How to Create High-Quality Web Video Interviews

So when it comes to making a quality web video interview there are certain aspects to make sure the video is the best you can make it. Things like setting up your studio where you’ll be conducting the interview having it set on you and not the background. Picking quality web cameras so you don’t have any low resolution. The right microphone is also a key factor for getting the best sound. Lighting and studio set up go hand in hand with making sure you have enough light for proper viewing.

These tactics don’t just have to be used for interviews but for video posts as well. If you have a dark video with little to no sound won’t have as much of an effect  as a well lit room and a quality microphone. With making videos you’re trying to show your audience what you do with a video. For my youtube account these are perfect things to keep in mind even with working on Brainstorm the proper video quality and setup can mean the difference between making a hit video or one that doesn’t get views.


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Video Strategy

Reading Viral Blog I came across a good article www.viralblog.com/online-social-video/the-ultimate-guide-to-creating-a-video-strategy/ about how to create a good video strategy. Steps like having a goal in mind, establishing content outlines, uploading to the right platform, and more. All the ideas are good to keep in mind when trying to win over a specific audience. These steps have been taught to myself but still give helpful details. These tactics can help though by being a reminder to a good video strategy. With my own Youtube and Facebook accounts having videos in place for the targeted viewers is key. Even with Brainstorm skis if they company didn’t tape their sponsored skiers then how would their fans see that talent.


The Gif Boom

The Gif Boom. This article talks about how simple gifs like the new Gangnam style dance can help out a business in marketing in the new social media age with simple short videos. Generation Z, or people born a few years before the beginning of the 21st century, are all over the social media using it from computers to smart phones. The use of a simple video to boost attraction to ones business is amazing and can be used in a campaign as well. Videos of any sort can be incorporated and used to show that you’re up to date with the new video craze. The tactics used by PSY’s Gangnam contest are a crucial element in knowing how you can handle change. This and other tactics like this can apply to my campaign project by using Youtube to boost attraction for my cause.



That was Videolicious

A blog post by Jordan Behan, an employee at HootSuite, writes about how he used Videolicious to get better aquatinted with his fellow coworkers. Going through the HootSuite program Jordan asked the simple question, “Why do you like working at HootSuite?” He then goes on to how Videolicious is the next big thing to hit the social media world.