Fortune 100 Companies…Are They Doing It Right?

Sling Digital, a Twitter advertising optimization service, looked into Fortune 100 companies using Twitter with at least 50,000 followers. It was surprising to find that even though out of the companies Sling picked out even with tons of followers no one was talking about their company or products. Using Twitter as a one way communication tool the companies never try to make the connection that Twitter is a 2 way conversation tool meant to engage both parties. Some of these companies might want to reevaluate their strategy on Twitter.

It’s a key factor that if you want to be big on the social media networks it’s crucial to be engaging with your audience. With my own Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts this blog post really hits home. If I only use those outlets as a means for promotion rather than engagement then nothing will change and people won’t feel compelled to keep up to date with the posts.



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