4 Years of Change…2008 – 2012

The change of social media is incredible. It’s even crazier to think that some of the social media we use in 2012 wasn’t even around four years ago. Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest are some examples of what wasn’t around. Now they’re are some of the biggest social media used sites today. The blog goes further into how Facebook and Twitter have grown allowing more infomation in posts for Facebook and how Twitter has blown up since 2008 to name a few changes. As users of those social media sites if we don’t keep up with the changing technology and uses then we will be left in the megabit dust.

This blog post really reminded me that even if you stay away for a year or two the changes that can be made over the social media world could be huge. The campaign has been an interesting one getting back into the groove of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube but it’s been an enlightening one as well. Knowing I have to keep updating every aspect of those outlets along with conversing rather than advertising is a key factor in helping grow those outlets. Brainstorm Skis is now at that stage. If the company doesn’t get with the rest of the technology they’re gonna be left behind.



Apps to Help Your Blogging Game

You need any helpful writing tips? Apps just aren’t giving you what you need? These 8 apps like iA Writer, Plain Text, ByWord and PaperHelper either focus their attention on your writing, helping with research or adding design elements. Having the Pocket app gives you researching power though adding every site you need and organizing them through groups. PlainText gives you the minimalist approach and lets you simply get to work. Among the rest of the apps all help you to get your writing or research skills up.

These kind of apps can be a great way to know if you’re adding to much to your writing by talking about things that have nothing to do with what you’re trying to show. The research part is definitely a great boost since great writing or simple blog posts come from knowing your subject. With the campaign aspect knowing how to properly research and write out Facebook posts, Twitter, or Youtube descriptions can mean the difference from being viewed or not.


6 Free Mobile Apps to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing

These 6 apps are similar in some areas of use dealing with marketing and differ in other areas. Google Currents gives the user access to creating one-stop shop for various information sources. And it lets you see what new trends are catching on the internet. Flipboard, like Google Currents lets you choose information sources but lets you see what’s happening on social sites you’re connected to as well. Plume is like TweetDeck letting you manage multiple Twitter accounts. Abilities like shortening links, auto saving hashtags and usernames, and access to preview photos. Postling deals with the blogging aspect helping to create blog posts that you can directly send from the app. Buffer App helps to share articles, photos, videos and status updates to different networks. This app helps to keep your media marketing focused and consistent. The last app is the Facebook App. Many smartphone users already have this app and can use it with ease.

These different apps are incredibly helpful and important in the new age of social media sharing. My campaign if it were keep going on for a longer length of time could use all or a few of these apps in creating a wider range of audience. This blog could use Postling to help boost when and where I can post and updates that I may want to share. Inspiration can come from anywhere and the ability to be mobile and keep that inspiration fresh in my mind until posting it on my blog is a great help.


Facebook’s New Translated And Localized Global Pages Could Lure International Marketing Dollars

Searching through the latest and greatest updates on tech I came across and read this awesome piece of information by Josh Costine, a technology journalist for TechCrunch techcrunch.com concerning global translation for Facebook pages. Within the reading he discusses how when Facebook pages today are in the language they were created in. Now though pages can be seen by a visitor’s own language and bring about a whole new era of marketing for company’s. Ads can seen by many more people who all speak different languages and help connect them with these Global Pages. Even without thinking about the money and business aspect of all of this it’s a great tool to simply bring people around the world together. Reading the end of the last paragraph really hit home for me since I am of South Korean descent and in the words of Josh Costine, “When you discover you and an Angolan / Afghani /  Argentinean kid both Like the same Norwegian metal band, you see how similar you are and racism seems pretty stupid.” Applying this to my own life in social media using this new technology can both bring revenue and connection of people up to a new level for the social outlets. My own campaign for Facebook could not only have U.S. citizens reading the posts and updates but reading them in spanish, german, korean, and so many more languages. Brainstorm Skis is an even better example since, although having business in the U.S. why not shoot for the rest of the world? Great skiing slopes aren’t just here but everywhere. Having a Global Page for other ski fans to be able to actually read could be a key part in getting that business over seas someday. And it also helps to show that anyone could have the same interests as you do.



Is Experimental Marking the Future of Social Media?

What is experimental marking? As Gabe Alonso describes on his post at the 360i Blog blog.360i.com/social-marketing/experiential-marketing-social-media it is, “…the act of creating an experience where there is a resulting emotional connection to a brand, product, idea, etc.” It’s not enough to just send out a Tweet or post on Facebook now adays, but to keep yourself integrated with your audience and make sure they get hooked on what you’re providing for them. The combination of online and offline interaction need to be fluid and adaptable. Working with a friend of mine now on his ski company this is a perfect idea to incorporate into their own social media outlets. Already they are having free give aways for any one of their fans if they like their Facebook page. But as Gabe says it’s not enough. A person has to show that the consumer is not only an onlooker but feel emotionally attached to the core idea the company and what they stand for.


Twitter Hacking…Sold on Black Market

It’s a sad world when people have nothing better to do than to hack your Twitter account and sell it on the black market. This article revels that people are losing their Twitter names to hackers pretty easily it seems. Selling in bulk one word Twitter accounts some 20, 4 letter names, for only $10. This can apply to my campaign since you need to make sure when making Twitter accounts make the name is unique and the password is long enough that hackers don’t have a chance of getting into your account.



Google Glass…Future of Technology?

David Pogue the writer for the New York Times: Technology blog has given some very interesting facts about the new Google Glass. The features described are almost like props used in a sci-fi movie. One of the main things was that it was just a prototype as Pogue said in the blog. Google has a lot of work ahead still but it’s going to be interesting if this new glass idea hits it big or goes home crying